EUREKA OF 1981 (social network)

True story by Alexis Maxime Feyou de Happy

Before the eureka of 1981 there was the great inspiration of 1976. Here described as I recalled it forty years later. Amazed of its ultimate impact and its many ramifications. The use of third person as literary format simplifies reading and changes nothing to the its testimonial characteristics.

There is no doubt that social network as a paradigm changed the world. As it is often the case with events of such magnitude more than one person may have the same idea at the same time. Other factors may come to play: fortune or human nature. Some will say: destiny. One can only tell his side of the story.

1976, in the heart of Africa.
A teenager about to get his Brevet (High school diploma) just finished his collected poems. He called it “Consciousness exposed”. A long prose on world’s economic disparities, the tragedy of Africa, the impact of racism and its threatening effects on the destiny of nations. A visionary warning of what could happen if we miss the opportunity to bring redeeming values in our world.

During this time the young poet and burgeoning inventor also met HE Ambassador Mrs Mabel Smith (mid 70’s). Author and first American woman ambassador in his country. She later introduced him to one of her Consuls and to her private secretary Miss Mona Clark. Began an intellectual friendship. One that lasted until his depart from Cameroun to Paris in 1978.
At the same time his friend Dave Moktoi introduced him to Bob Marley music and American Blues. From other friends and from his father he was receiving scientific books on ground breaking discoveries from Russia, Europe, USA and Asia. This was the time in his life when he read about everything that came his way.
This sudden wealth of knowledge arising from different people at the same time inspired him to extend it into a principle. The roots of social network arose. He shared his thoughts with Mr Moktoi, himself a poet and author of many books. Hence was created Uhuru (freedom) Arts Society (1973-1978). An early social network concept. The first meeting took place at his father’s residence in Yaounde, Cameroon. Following meetings took place at a member’s private compound. Mr Martin Kume Tale then author of his first novel “Journal d’une dulcinee” (A maiden journal) and Cameroun noted journalist (first to cover the war in Chad).
Uhuru was not the young man first attempt to bring together kindred minds for scientific or artistic purposes. In pre teens years he had co-created a scientific club with friends (1970-73). Members studied Einstein theories and made electronic experiments as well foreign language studies. Young and audacious they saw no boundaries to their learning quest and experiment. In one memorable incident two of the members were briefly questioned by officials fro their experiment in wireless communication. When they discovered that they were children they were let go. Another member was studying Chinese grammar and calligraphy. An unquenchable thirst for knowledge led them in audacious journeys. There was for example perhaps one of the first scientific experiment in telepathy. Conducted with his sister, herself an artist and intellectual. They set out to discover wether it was possible for two brain to communicate with each other without wires. They designed a simple experiment. Specific rules were agreed upon and the test began.

With Uhuru Arts Society, the 1970’s algorithm was simple: Men and women of science as well as artists met every Weekend for an open debate in their field. The band performed in concerts. Artists presented their work and debated their subject. The drama group performed all over the country. End of session debate was open to the public.
University professors and students came every Sunday to debate on various subjects. One of the spiritual sponsors of Uhuru Arts Society was Cameroun first professional writer, Mr Rene Phillombe. Many of the members had their PhD or masters or were working on it when they were not prodigees, scholars, students or artists. Drama club revolutionized theater introducing Berthold Brecht and Aime Cesaire to Cameroun’s audience. Uhuru Band introduced American Blues. The concept sprawled with Jazz orchestra and Spirituals chorus germinating from universities to cultural centers.
In 1978, under the peremptory order of his father, he left Cameroun for Paris to obtain his Baccalaureate in letters and philosophies. He continued on studying economical sciences (Pantheon-Sorbonne at Tolbiac), archeology (Louvres) and astronomy (Research foundation). At Nanterre university he went for perhaps the first pilot program of computer engineering. He was not accepted but the experience gave him an idea.
1981, in his duplex apartment, Rue des entrepreneurs, in Paris he sat alone one evening on his bed with no light but his open window and the moon. The concept sprung after he had asked himself this question: what can I do to better contribute to the world? The result was a spark that let him shivering alone in the dark. He understood that he had just had a great inspiration. A connection via computer network of minds from one continent to another. People sharing ideas and working together in a cross disciplinary manner. Whether they held a degree or not. As long as they could partake positively to the same venture. This he thought would bring about a technological revolution that will change for ever the destiny of mankind. Poverty will be eliminated. Illness will be dealt with. Even aging will be conquered. The world would become vibrant and inequalities will disappear as humanity gets together to conquer the Milky Way. It all came to him with the purest clarity.
He jumped on his feet. Then sat down on his mattress. To write down the social network paradigm. In full details and called it “Consortium de la creation” (invention’s consortium) . Then a literal algorithm. The idea was to bring together people of all disciplines just like they did in Africa. But this time they would meet on the internet and exchange ideas. To create a cross-disciplinary network involving all matters of science. Most importantly a virtual engine of creation. One that saw no racial, gender, age or even national boundaries. This he thought would create a technological revolution that will improve the quality of life all over the world. He understood right away the importance of such concept. He also knew that he need help to bring it to the world. Began the long journey.
All night long he struggled about the best way to put down this amazing idea in a simple and concise manner. The“Consortium de la creation” (creativity consortium), latter called in New York (1990’s) “Consortium brain trust”.
Thus was born the social network concept. Over thirty years later the vision has finally materialized.
Thus what will be remembered one day as the illumination of 1981, sprung out of a little duplex apartment in Paris XIIIth district. Under the watchful eye of a full moon. There were no other light in the apartment that night but the blissful hallo of the brightened sky.
That same year he presented “Le Consortium de la Creation” (the literal algorithm behind the social network revolution of the nineties) to his elected official in Paris ( XIIIth district). Mr Paul Quiles. He was received by a kind and elegant gentleman. His lovely secretary offered him a chair while waiting to meet the Mr Quiles. The reception was cordial. They talked literature and exchanged civilities. Mr Quiles said:
“To me you are a poet!”
It was a warm meeting. He also gave him $500.00 francs check from social security.
Mr Quiles was a kind man. He loved the idea. He asked him to contact Mr Bombard and come back to see him. Unfortunately things did not turned out that way. Mr Bombard was a celebrity. Telephone number of celebrities it is know is not easy to get. In those days you had to find it in phone books which was even worse since celebrities did not make their number available to the larger public.
In 1983, Maxime left France for his first journey to the United States of America. He landed in Miami and the next day flew to Clearwater, Florida. Upon graduating from his PR training at Flag institution, he flew to Washington to register Suspensor system at USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark office). Suspensor System was registered as a booklet. A compilation of numerous inventions. Thus because it was his first patent application and he did not know how to deposit an invention file so he compiled a number of inventions under the same name. There was a pillow rectangular design with head adjustment concept as well as number bed and mattress body adjustment concept, Bed frame innovation. Helicopter innovation to save people from high rise building in case of fire. Personal computer concept (which did not exist in 1983). As well as personal printer rendering. His patent attorney apparently impressed shared some of the data with third parties. Maxime latter received a call from New York. People were working on a new technological revolution and they wanted him. He was offered free apartment. But his mother was not well and she wanted to see him ASAP. He left for Africa.
Came back in 1985. In New York city he met Mr Scott Rodolitz. They established a notarized agreement for partnership and called it Consortium Brain Trust located at 100 Quentin Street, LI.. In a telephone call answering to Mr Rodolitz who could not get the idea, he proposed the creation of a pilot program with a university. That was the last time he heard from him besides an email in late 2000’s. In his description of the pilot project he proposed that people could have their face appearing on their desktop as they communicate to each other via the internet. The pilot program was to be conducted within an university.
The rest like they say: “…is history.”

Note: The Suspensor system in its 1983 booklet deposited at USPTO had a number of inventions:
1- number bed as it is known today
2- body adjusting mattresses
3- shock absorber paradigm (with water, oil, springs and gaz)
4- personal printer and computer ( as rendering concept)
5- high rise helicopter fire department

It was an improper registration since it had too many inventions. But it was accepted nevertheless under an application for disclosure.

This is written as an historical record. Everything said here is true to my best recollection. Was the consortium brain trust at the roots of the social network revolution? This can be easily verified by those interested to do so. All they have to do is to connects the dots.

Even if we could become “lights.” It would be a failure not a gain. Light is easily disturbed. It needs a source to exist. It can be changed anytime. Its immortality is a matter of parameter. It is not intrinsic. As for any other form that we may take. Let us consider this: planet earth is a very small entity in the Milky Way. And the Milky Way is huge. If we were lights it would take us 100,000 years to go from one end of the Milky way to another. Now consider that the Milky Way is barely one galaxy among trillion in the universe. Notice that galaxies do explode. They are not eternal. Worst of all our science as it stands today cannot yet foresee the next supernovae. In other words it cannot predicts whether ours will explode or not and when.

Astronomy demonstrated that Earth looks like a dot in the Milky Way. Now knowing this what is it exactly that we are doing? Control earth? We have seen its true place in the great universe. Control the Milky way? We barely understand it.

We must protect our planet (now in great danger thanks to scalar technologies  messing up the ecosystem and worst the substance of earth itself) . Earth like other planets is in constant movements. In order stellar bodies to survive they must adjust to the pressure (magnetic and other attractions taking place in the universe). Hence earthquakes and other physical phenomenons. When we mess with them we are in effect exposing the planet to great danger.

We must assist human evolution to the next stage. Expand within the Milky way and beyond while developing the science that could help us foresee a possible super novae well ahead of time. Perhaps launch an intergalactic odyssey 200,000 years before explosion. That is possible and we are not saying this haphazardly.
To create such a new vision and subsequent paradigm we must change the way we think. The way we do things. As one can tell there is no time to waist. That is the real challenge to humanity.





Seasoned In Heaven

Guaguin and Samuel John montage For Seasoned in Heaven 3

painting: Montage Gaugin and Samuel John


Opening a gift in silk wrapped papers. Hands trembling with excitement. The moment is frozen in time. No! Not a moment, an event. What am I saying? An Eternity! And not frozen but warm, like hot morning chocolate. Rays of sunlight streaming through the windows. Bread and butter glistening on the table. Eyes mesmerized, hearts sizzling with expectation. To unmask of love the thousand flavors. Ravenous!
We met one sullen evening in Paris. My brother decided to take me out. We were going to meet his friends at a popular restaurant. Having been your sempiternal homebound boy I recoiled. But he would not hear any of it. So I obliged. I had just arrived in Paris perhaps a month earlier. There is nothing like a new city. Everything has the smell of caramel, the flavor of candy, the gusto of your favorite song. As if each step that you take brings you closer to grace.
The restaurant was full. That was Paris in its happy hour. Soon she arrived with her sister and my brother’s friends. As destiny had it, she was seated next to me. The conversations went on. The meal was great, the company was wonderful. I knew some of them from before. A couple years ago they were guests in my parents’ house. Daddy gave them a VIP reception. They had a car with a driver, a maid, free meals and everything else needed to make one comfortable. It was an old tradition. Guests were person of honor and had to be treated well. We developed close friendships that lasted to this day. They were excited to see me, and vice versa. My brother told me that I was like a little brother to them. I felt the same way. We were indeed very close.
I was in Paris in my graduating year. The decision was my dads’, not mine. I was dreaming of crossing Africa on horseback with a camera. I was going to travel through wars zones and capital cities. Taking pictures of social contrast to raise world’s awareness. I made my plans that summer. I knew where to buy the horse and where to start my journey. The Biafra war was going on. That would be my first step. Then I would continue on, all the way to Senegal. Then cross the Sahara desert and follow through all the way to South Africa. I had already begun my journal.
Daddy knew me well and understood that I was planning something. That summer, I had already told him that I was going to study mechanics. Why? He asked. It was out of curiosity, I said. So he introduced me to his job mechanic since their organization had a private mechanic department. The brave old man welcomed me to his shop. He had a wry smile. Not too happy to have this spoiled kid in his environment:

“You’ll be here every morning at 7.00 am sharp! He said. And you better be on time. Ready to be dirty! One day late and it is over. I don’t care what your dad says. This is our rule. And you shall follow it just like anybody else!”

I was not offended by the tone. Nor was I frighten by dirty oil of old cars. However, waking up at five AM, to make it at seven sharp in the morning was a major problem. The fact of the matter was that I was suffering from a heart condition though I did not know about it then. Sleeping was a problem. All my school year I went like a zombie. Summer time was my only reprieve to catch up on an entire years’ worth of insomnia. What he was asking me to do was physiologically impossible. To this day I regret not taking that summer course. It would have helped me greatly. In inventing, since that is what I end up doing. But we shall not cry over spilled milk, shall we?
Seated in our little corners in the restaurant, we were the younger of the bunch. Quiet like doves. We listened to the conversations happening around us, and exchanging civilities with smiles, and gestures. Sharing a dish here, serving a neighbor, offering drinks or gracefully thanking waiters. Out of a sudden we felt ourselves discarded. Rather, we became the center of attention. Not for a long time, but just enough to make us notice. Then they all erupted laughing haughtily. Happily you might say. But we were not laughing.
“Oh! Les tourtereaux! Someone said. (Loving birds?) And the conversation went back to normal. My brother was only four years older than I was. His friends were young too. Folks in the beginning of life. They were all graduate students.
A little embarrassed, we did not know what to do. What? We were Loving birds? But we just met! We did not even know each other! We exchanged a glance. The feeling was mutual, we were dubiously outraged. What were they talking about?
That night as we left the restaurant we exchanged phone numbers. I am not even sure whether we did it on our own or whether someone forced us to do it. I can still hear the laugh. Gentle, friendly, amused. They were angels and they did not know it.
I lived in the southern suburbs in Villejuif. She lived in Paris’s thirteenth district. That would eventually be in the same neighborhood where I would have my first flat as a young man.
Going to her place for the first time was a little challenging. I had to take bus, subway, and walk a great deal. Got a little lost but eventually found my way. She was waiting for me with a smile. There were friends of hers to whom I was introduced. All night we talked. Excited about everything like most young people. We were all artists and dreamers. We talked philosophy, dabbled in society envisioned knew worlds and imagined greater ones. I discovered a French liqueur and had my first bourbon. A taste I will never forget. It was one that inspired a dialogue in one of my plays. It was clear that we liked each other. It was clear to all around us. The night dwindled down to a silent pose. Soon we were left alone, only she and I. It came a time when we looked at each other eyes with sparrow-like innocence. We were seated upon floor pillows and she was next to me. She took my hand and kept it in her palm. It was so warm, so calming, and so endearing. Our eyes found each other and our hands began dancing together. We could have stayed that way all night long. It was pleasant beyond imagination. What is eternity but a moment in time? That night I went back home. Yes! I braved the cold of winter, the lonely walk to the subway, the chilling breeze of winter, and the long wait for my bus to Villejuif. Why? She too wanted to know why. It was simply because I grew up sheltered. I had to go back home.
She said two things that night, two very important things that remained with me forever. These two things that were the mark of my personality, and I did not know it. I had great talents, she noticed to my amazement, for I did not saw myself that way. But there was something missing she said. That was “Enthusiasm!” By that she meant certain buoyancy about life, Perhaps something reminiscent of young Obama. “Oh! Alexis if only you had that! The world would be yours!” The other thing that she noticed was a heart condition that would eventually land me under a surgeon’s scalpel twenty years later.
We met again and again. We were in love. We did not call it love though. We were too afraid of that word. Perhaps it was because we were romantics. We both read all the classic and we loved nineteenth century French writers like Alexander Dumas and Georges Sand. She was a feminist and got me to embrace the movement. Hence my first play: Ahmal/Alevei. Satire of a married woman accused of killing her betraying husband while all along she was innocent.
One day Catherine said to me: “I want you to meet my folks. This vacation I am going to Normandy. And don’t you tell me that you will not come! I am sending you a ticket with all directions. Be there!”
She did as she said.
The post man came one morning on Boulevard Maxime Gorky where I lived with my elder sister Louise; who knew everything about us. He left a mail. In there was my ticket and all the necessary directions. Which train station to go to, the time to board, where I would have to stop, how far to walk, and how to find my way around. She had everything covered. It was so neat, so precise, that even a brigadier general could not have done better. My sister laughed at me, happy that I found someone that loved me dearly.
Catherine was a special lady indeed. Well! A damsel, since we were both very young. She had the most pristine eyes, a heart full of love, and a personality that could charm any crowd. Did I also mention that she was a great intellectual? That was perhaps her most admirable character, though she was very beautiful indeed!
What attracted us that faithful night in the restaurant was divine grace. It was something which was so visible to others, but strange to us. The feeling was akin to something as old as time, yet still fresh as spring. Picture a fourth dimension odyssey. Frequencies in unison embedded in space and time, tied in a tango that only angels could see. Cherubins playing songs, seemingly straight out of heaven. Why? God knows why. Was it innocence? We were not that innocent. Perhaps yes. In some way, we believed in humanity. I still do and I am sure that she still does. We understood our world and loved it too. Racism was foreign to us though we debated it intellectually. We shared the same ideals, and nourished similar dreams. She wanted to travel. Go to England and learn English. I wanted to travel. Go to the USA’s and learn English. So we were dreamers, but also doers for we live to fulfill those dreams. So as strong as we were glued to each other, we were also pulled away by our personal ambitions. Here was an impossible mixture that was going to mark us with the indelible ink of destiny.
Normandy was divine. My first shock was the purple bottle of wine. It was homemade and kept away for the perfect occasion. Saved by her father for this moment she said. Her father was no more, neither was her mother. I saw their pictures in the family room. But her sister and brother were there to represent. They liked me. I like them too though I felt a little awkward at that time, perhaps it was a clash of cultures? Who is to say? I began my childhood in France, so I could not say that I was in unfamiliar territory. Youth it was, I’ll say. After all I was just 19 then. And Catherine was the same age as I. The next morning she took me to the market place where we bought groceries. Then she brought me to her grandmother, her only surviving elder. Her grandmother was a brave lady. The most wonderful person I met in my life. She saw right away that we were in love with each other and that made her happy. We spent some time with her. On the table was the picture of Mr. Chirac that she admired. Since then I learned to respect Mr. Chirac who later became president of France. If a noble soul liked a person so much, there must be something great about that person.
Behind her grandmother’s house was a prairie, a beloved place full of her childhood memories. When she said it, I understood it right away. I recalled moments back home, reimagined the divine flavor of fresh herbs and flowers. I embraced the security of parent’s dwellings not far away, Feeling the familiarity of one’s own compound. That was the pure innocence of childhood. She saw in my eyes that I understood her.
“Let’s go run! She exclaimed. Once again she pulled me by the hand as we bade farewell to her grandmother who looked at us with those eyes that said: “Go children, go! This is your moment. This is your time. Makes the best of it! And that we did.
If you have never ran across the prairie holding the hand of your beloved. You do not know of life the pristine delight of awe. Oh! We felt like we had enough love to share with the entire world!
It was a moment seasoned in paradise. A moment I will never forget for as long as I live. What was it? What is it? We were taken away in the heaven as soon as we jumped hand in hand over the sunny garden of flowers. Time stopped and space vanished. Laughing and singing, we were running like children. We were children. Hand in hand we were dancing with the gods, our hearts beating in harmony, perhaps catching the rhythm of life itself. And time did indeed stop. We were one and that we remained to this day.
When I left for Paris her grandma gave us her Paris apartment. “I want you to be happy! Cathy later told me. I told her that her grandma really loved her. She agreed and we were both humbled by such love.
As days went by, we were suffocating. We were so much in love with each other that we were afraid of it. There was that pull of ambition. That desire to discover the world. As powerful as our attraction to each other was, we decided that in order to save the future we had to nurture the present. That meant to part from each other. It was a difficult decision. My best friend thought that we were crazy. We disagreed. Yet after that important decision, we could not live without each other. We met one last time, and then chastised each other for our weakness. We felt that life was going to dictate itself to us anyway. The only thing we could do was to dictate back to life, our will. We were going to have the audacity to honor our faith in each other as well as life itself. The only way to do that was to dare challenge our own destiny. We had to do it, to keep alive and embed that special moment in our memories forever.
“If one day we meet again and we are still singles, we’ll marry!”
Looking at each other eyes in the apartment her grandmother gave us. We made the decision to break apart. We had chosen certainty over probability.
This was how Catherine and I bade our first farewell. In exchange we got a little diamond called eternity. Well! All did not go that smoothly. It was only a couple of days later and we discovered that we could not live apart. We called each other and met again. This time, it was at her friend place somewhere in Paris. One more ultimate moment, one that will be the last.
Today we are well beyond our prime. We have lived and endured the thousand and one frivolities of life. We met new friends and had countless adventures. Yet that moment in Normandy is still alive and well. Paris will never die. We are young forever, still running freely and happily in the prairie of childhood.

Author: Alexis Maxime Feyou de Happy

Fiction and non Fiction writer. Published books includes: Fairy Tales From Propagamar, Intellectual DNA, Kosmicks, Ahmal/Alevei (theatre), The Book of Quarma, Zirkular, Essence Of Law (translator), The Chronology and a number of French books

Alexis was the CEO of Caryatide 75 Inc. and is now the CEO of Inventors For Hire LLC




Part 1
Popular Belief

The premise of a Doppelganger is that of double identities. It is generally understood as twin like; as if upon birth, a second incarnation of the self was created. One that exists separately, but can under special circumstances, appear and/or haunt. The implication being that a doppelganger would be an evil incarnation. A fantastical meaning which cloud human imagination to this day. What if a doppelganger was not supernatural? What if it was perhaps a reality too horrible to be confronted? Its sole purpose is to haunt a person’s life with the intention of destroying, and tormenting friends, and family? Nothing more, but someone who for one reason or another (be it jealousy or greed) sets its mind in evil doing? the scientific expression of a psychopath. Should this be the case, how is it possible that said characters go unnoticed? Perhaps they are noticed but ignored. Could it be that a cultural flaw has personify us into silent executioners?
Our cultures are indeed surrounded with memes (self replicating or viral ideas, behavior or style). Some may sounds quite enlightening. In reality they are more destructive than helpful. When you say: “Fool me once. It’s my fault, but twice, shame on me”. You are in effect giving free reign to evil. For Evil will fool you once, twice and more. And you should not blame yourself for it. There is nothing wrong in trusting another human being. Deception is the blame.
Imagine an unforgiving society. War will be its staple. The essence of society is the “we” in it. Cultural loopholes and memes that allow evil characters to go free are the worst threat to human existence. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame to order. There is always someone who knows all. Yet says nothing.
When we are our brothers and sisters keepers, doppelgangers, are kept away. When we close eyes and ears and abandon innocents to mayhem. Dopplegangers operate in plain day light. Now they are invisible only to their victims, but perfectly visible to others. Victims are not and should never be blamed for being victims. For if they could help themselves. They would not be victims. They must be saved. In so doing , we are offering ourselves salvation. For the fire that burns my neighbor’s house will sure turns mine to ashes.
Social responsibility unmask awful characters. Uncloaked their real nature transpire. Their deception unveiled and innocent lives saved. Yes! Innocents can be headaches. When it comes to evil though. You are not just saving them. You are saving yourself.
No one confronts evil in serenity. We resort to the extraordinary. To address something that challenges the imagination, we had to dress it in fantastic robes. Hide it in fairy tales. Not knowing that by doing so, we were giving free way to the devil. That is to the man or woman next door engaged in destruction. The doppelganger of science fiction. But why blame fairy tales? Weren’t they created to save us? Ah! They are not taught any more the way they used to be!
I first encountered mysteries of Doppelganger when I was a teenager watching science fiction movies. The protagonist was an officer condemned to death for a crime he did not commit. The plot had elements intermingling with reality. A man ensnared by events he did not controlled. There was someone who was a mirror image of himself; someone who behaved like him. They say: “if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is a duck”; Our old and cherished syllogism. In other words our man was trapped. To the spectator it was clear that he was innocent, but to his surrounding it was not. His Doppelganger effectively succeeded in becoming him.
When one finds himself a victim of duplicitous characters he is confronted with facts that have elements of familiarity. Lies embedded in truth. People tend to see the obvious and dwell not in the unusual. That has been the secret weapon of psychopathy. Demonic conundrum of evil nemesis is quite a quagmire. Victims find themselves caught in the twilight zone. Only their tormentor really knows the truth. Nobody believes the victim but embraces the criminal instead. As the movies progressed, another character emerged. He happened to be someone of authority. It was slowly revealed that he may be the real criminal. This however, remained hazy. Watching such a movie can really puzzle a person.
Usually in movies, Doppelgangers are presented as Perfect copies of their victims. There is the notion of the other self which shrouds people’s behavior into a cloak of mystery. One that led a famous woman to say: “The devil looks like you and me. The only difference is that he loves harming others.” Perhaps we should refrain from old memes and accept that among us are people capable to do awful things. Entrapping innocents and tormenting their life, or having other people do it for them. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. That was perhaps the “charm” of a Jeffrey Domer. No wonder he killed so many people!
Once in a while we encounter these monsters in real life and are lucky enough to live and tell the story.
Part 2:
Manhattan Encounter
As a philosophical proposition, Doppelgangers maintain its mystery. The double is reduced to a mental state that maybe expressed as “that which is me” or that which is external to me while being me; Hence the notion of internalism and externalism. “To Putnam (Routledge dictionary for philosophy) there is a twin earth inhabited by “doppelgangers”. Everything in it would be a slight mirror of what happens on earth. An extrapolation of this theory states that when two people fits the paradigm they should never meet or mayhem shall ensued. – with one taking the place of the other-. Could it be that there is something missing in our definition of the phenomenon? Who is what and what is who? Herein lay the question. Does the supernatural being assume the personality of the real one or the real one somehow managed to acquire its haunting nemesis? Then again who is to say which the real one is when both beings have the concept of consciousness? However, it might be nothing more than intellectual aphorism; just supernatural expressions of human behaviors which are ingeniously highlighted by great writers for cultural enlightenment. A 1993 movie with Drew Barrymore based on the general concept of an evil doppelganger reimagined the paradox. We are invited to see the type of havoc such a character can creates in a person’s life. Though fictional, one gets the idea: of how horror rules when doppelgangers are involved. Unmask the myth and victims could be any one of us.
It was around 2004 that I made an encounter. It all began innocently. A young father struggling to pay his daughter’s college fees meets a customer. A friendship developed. An agreement to start a gallery ensued. Slowly, but surely the customer who was now his business landlord, began assimilating his personality. Very fast it metastasises. The father happens to be a writer and inventor. For decades he had been creating a number of inventions. Having been a philosopher in his teens, he decided after heart surgery, and the threat of death, to jolt down his vision for a better world. A retreat to Canada gave him the opportunity to reflects on his life, and to dream about possibilities. He might be dying, but he wanted to share his gift.
The surgery took place in 1998. 24 hours before the surgeon told him: “I will decide wether to cut away part of it when I have your heart in my hand!” His life expectancy was ten years.

Fast forward to 2005-8. He shares his life experience with his office colleagues and landlord; exactly what people do when they share the same space day in and day out. He had no idea that he was facing a complicated character. One who almost at the outset used his hacking skills to hack into his computers. Pushing deviousness into untold expressions. The landlord stole his Bank’s safe box keys to steal documents, perhaps planting God knows what. Alas! It was just the beginning.
In 2008, he sent money to his dying father; his landlord allegedly hacked into his computer, and with accomplices, stole the money. The landlord then instigated the bank to block the victims gold card refund.
As years went by, the landlord continued his hacking activities. Playing the role of a compassionate friend who felt sorry for what was happening to him while slowly destroying the man’s reputation, while claiming authorship of his works. Eventually the victim had his archives and personal things sent back from Canada to his work address. In those archives were his inventor’s notebooks and other scholarly papers. Notably a universal equation, the notion of the speed of thought, the last present he received from his father, his passport, birth certificate, children awards, and family pictures. To hide the theft his landlord presented him an envelop and claimed that was all he received from Canada. The envelop had only one thing in it: His father’s manuscript.
His inventor’s notebook had blueprints for over 150 inventions. Ideas for an internet supermarket created in late 90’s, designs and concept for a Sapphire bank card, innovations for cars. Notably radars to avoid accidents, video cameras for rear end safety, quadropter like drones (initially to save the lives of police officers on highway patrol). There were concepts for self-driving cars using satellites. Portable maps for individuals using the same system. Ideas for communication quick messaging services. There were flying suits designs, automatic hammers, tennis rackets innovations, concepts for preventing crimes by using the sixth sense, and by using hand held applications. There were also concepts for establishing a network of Red Cross Centers around Manhattan in case of a dirty bomb, or other dramatic events. Other safety principles for modern cities. There was a concept for an automatic bridge that he was in the process of creating. It could be placed around Manhattan to save lives in case of emergencies by opening up a smooth path without traffic jams. There were tapes of musical compositions made on electronic keyboards (some of which are played on TV commercial today). There were early drawings of computerized watches, a paradigm for healthcare developed in Canada (2000). Bikes concepts for modern cities (to fight pollution by making them available to the public), shared parking meter for urban cities, flying apparatus, wheels revolutions, early architectural designs for flying saucer airports. In total, there were 170 to 200 inventions and ideas.
His Canadians papers also dealt with social issues and solutions: such as the concept to establish world unity via United Nations sponsorships. It is based on the United States Declaration of Independence, the French Declaration of Human rights, and the United Nations Chart for Human Rights. The basic concept was that a united world will better defend itself against possible danger from outer space (be it comets or extra terrestrial entities) and against “lone wolf” style terrorists with bombs. The idea was to make the world a safer place by eliminating poverty and establishing social justice for all. Uprooting any danger of vigilante attack being the main aim. Why was this important? That is because technology is advancing at an alarming rate. Terrible weapons are now portable and can be placed into a confined space like a luggage or cabin bag, As science continues to develop, we are reaching a point where prevention was better addressed by peace than war.
Having studied human history from the prehistoric era to present, the basis of his theories on social evolution, he proposed that such an enterprise could be achieved only by a peace process. The process of violence having been tried by great emperors like Cesar and napoleon and failed. World Unity based on international consensus under the paradigm of peace had never been tried before. The time had come.
All these documents were stolen by his former business landlord who latter had the malignity to tell him with excitement: “I found a treasure throve!” The victim did not know that he was talking about his own works.
The former landlord now turned thief fully assumed the intellectual identity of his victim.
The now impostor managed to get himself supporters in powerful places. The inventor became victim of a scourge known as “targeted individual”. It is also known as an inquisition style terror attack. It has been going on since 2008. It consist of brain hacking via microchips, sonic weapons, electromagnetic attacks and the likes. One feels as if he was placed on electric chairs indefinitely. Research on the subject revealed a number of things. It has been going on for some time. The number of victims around the world could be close to a million. No one is safe. It is usually traced to someone that happened to be connected to the victim. Someone associated somehow to that world.

Such as his former landlord.
Doppelganger or evil hacker?

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