EUREKA OF 1981 (social network)

True story by Alexis Maxime Feyou de Happy

Before the eureka of 1981 there was the great inspiration of 1976. Here described as I recalled it forty years later. Amazed of its ultimate impact and its many ramifications. The use of third person as literary format simplifies reading and changes nothing to the its testimonial characteristics.

There is no doubt that social network as a paradigm changed the world. As it is often the case with events of such magnitude more than one person may have the same idea at the same time. Other factors may come to play: fortune or human nature. Some will say: destiny. One can only tell his side of the story.

1976, in the heart of Africa.
A teenager about to get his Brevet (High school diploma) just finished his collected poems. He called it “Consciousness exposed”. A long prose on world’s economic disparities, the tragedy of Africa, the impact of racism and its threatening effects on the destiny of nations. A visionary warning of what could happen if we miss the opportunity to bring redeeming values in our world.

During this time the young poet and burgeoning inventor also met HE Ambassador Mrs Mabel Smith (mid 70’s). Author and first American woman ambassador in his country. She later introduced him to one of her Consuls and to her private secretary Miss Mona Clark. Began an intellectual friendship. One that lasted until his depart from Cameroun to Paris in 1978.
At the same time his friend Dave Moktoi introduced him to Bob Marley music and American Blues. From other friends and from his father he was receiving scientific books on ground breaking discoveries from Russia, Europe, USA and Asia. This was the time in his life when he read about everything that came his way.
This sudden wealth of knowledge arising from different people at the same time inspired him to extend it into a principle. The roots of social network arose. He shared his thoughts with Mr Moktoi, himself a poet and author of many books. Hence was created Uhuru (freedom) Arts Society (1973-1978). An early social network concept. The first meeting took place at his father’s residence in Yaounde, Cameroon. Following meetings took place at a member’s private compound. Mr Martin Kume Tale then author of his first novel “Journal d’une dulcinee” (A maiden journal) and Cameroun noted journalist (first to cover the war in Chad).
Uhuru was not the young man first attempt to bring together kindred minds for scientific or artistic purposes. In pre teens years he had co-created a scientific club with friends (1970-73). Members studied Einstein theories and made electronic experiments as well foreign language studies. Young and audacious they saw no boundaries to their learning quest and experiment. In one memorable incident two of the members were briefly questioned by officials fro their experiment in wireless communication. When they discovered that they were children they were let go. Another member was studying Chinese grammar and calligraphy. An unquenchable thirst for knowledge led them in audacious journeys. There was for example perhaps one of the first scientific experiment in telepathy. Conducted with his sister, herself an artist and intellectual. They set out to discover wether it was possible for two brain to communicate with each other without wires. They designed a simple experiment. Specific rules were agreed upon and the test began.

With Uhuru Arts Society, the 1970’s algorithm was simple: Men and women of science as well as artists met every Weekend for an open debate in their field. The band performed in concerts. Artists presented their work and debated their subject. The drama group performed all over the country. End of session debate was open to the public.
University professors and students came every Sunday to debate on various subjects. One of the spiritual sponsors of Uhuru Arts Society was Cameroun first professional writer, Mr Rene Phillombe. Many of the members had their PhD or masters or were working on it when they were not prodigees, scholars, students or artists. Drama club revolutionized theater introducing Berthold Brecht and Aime Cesaire to Cameroun’s audience. Uhuru Band introduced American Blues. The concept sprawled with Jazz orchestra and Spirituals chorus germinating from universities to cultural centers.
In 1978, under the peremptory order of his father, he left Cameroun for Paris to obtain his Baccalaureate in letters and philosophies. He continued on studying economical sciences (Pantheon-Sorbonne at Tolbiac), archeology (Louvres) and astronomy (Research foundation). At Nanterre university he went for perhaps the first pilot program of computer engineering. He was not accepted but the experience gave him an idea.
1981, in his duplex apartment, Rue des entrepreneurs, in Paris he sat alone one evening on his bed with no light but his open window and the moon. The concept sprung after he had asked himself this question: what can I do to better contribute to the world? The result was a spark that let him shivering alone in the dark. He understood that he had just had a great inspiration. A connection via computer network of minds from one continent to another. People sharing ideas and working together in a cross disciplinary manner. Whether they held a degree or not. As long as they could partake positively to the same venture. This he thought would bring about a technological revolution that will change for ever the destiny of mankind. Poverty will be eliminated. Illness will be dealt with. Even aging will be conquered. The world would become vibrant and inequalities will disappear as humanity gets together to conquer the Milky Way. It all came to him with the purest clarity.
He jumped on his feet. Then sat down on his mattress. To write down the social network paradigm. In full details and called it “Consortium de la creation” (invention’s consortium) . Then a literal algorithm. The idea was to bring together people of all disciplines just like they did in Africa. But this time they would meet on the internet and exchange ideas. To create a cross-disciplinary network involving all matters of science. Most importantly a virtual engine of creation. One that saw no racial, gender, age or even national boundaries. This he thought would create a technological revolution that will improve the quality of life all over the world. He understood right away the importance of such concept. He also knew that he need help to bring it to the world. Began the long journey.
All night long he struggled about the best way to put down this amazing idea in a simple and concise manner. The“Consortium de la creation” (creativity consortium), latter called in New York (1990’s) “Consortium brain trust”.
Thus was born the social network concept. Over thirty years later the vision has finally materialized.
Thus what will be remembered one day as the illumination of 1981, sprung out of a little duplex apartment in Paris XIIIth district. Under the watchful eye of a full moon. There were no other light in the apartment that night but the blissful hallo of the brightened sky.
That same year he presented “Le Consortium de la Creation” (the literal algorithm behind the social network revolution of the nineties) to his elected official in Paris ( XIIIth district). Mr Paul Quiles. He was received by a kind and elegant gentleman. His lovely secretary offered him a chair while waiting to meet the Mr Quiles. The reception was cordial. They talked literature and exchanged civilities. Mr Quiles said:
“To me you are a poet!”
It was a warm meeting. He also gave him $500.00 francs check from social security.
Mr Quiles was a kind man. He loved the idea. He asked him to contact Mr Bombard and come back to see him. Unfortunately things did not turned out that way. Mr Bombard was a celebrity. Telephone number of celebrities it is know is not easy to get. In those days you had to find it in phone books which was even worse since celebrities did not make their number available to the larger public.
In 1983, Maxime left France for his first journey to the United States of America. He landed in Miami and the next day flew to Clearwater, Florida. Upon graduating from his PR training at Flag institution, he flew to Washington to register Suspensor system at USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark office). Suspensor System was registered as a booklet. A compilation of numerous inventions. Thus because it was his first patent application and he did not know how to deposit an invention file so he compiled a number of inventions under the same name. There was a pillow rectangular design with head adjustment concept as well as number bed and mattress body adjustment concept, Bed frame innovation. Helicopter innovation to save people from high rise building in case of fire. Personal computer concept (which did not exist in 1983). As well as personal printer rendering. His patent attorney apparently impressed shared some of the data with third parties. Maxime latter received a call from New York. People were working on a new technological revolution and they wanted him. He was offered free apartment. But his mother was not well and she wanted to see him ASAP. He left for Africa.
Came back in 1985. In New York city he met Mr Scott Rodolitz. They established a notarized agreement for partnership and called it Consortium Brain Trust located at 100 Quentin Street, LI.. In a telephone call answering to Mr Rodolitz who could not get the idea, he proposed the creation of a pilot program with a university. That was the last time he heard from him besides an email in late 2000’s. In his description of the pilot project he proposed that people could have their face appearing on their desktop as they communicate to each other via the internet. The pilot program was to be conducted within an university.
The rest like they say: “…is history.”

Note: The Suspensor system in its 1983 booklet deposited at USPTO had a number of inventions:
1- number bed as it is known today
2- body adjusting mattresses
3- shock absorber paradigm (with water, oil, springs and gaz)
4- personal printer and computer ( as rendering concept)
5- high rise helicopter fire department

It was an improper registration since it had too many inventions. But it was accepted nevertheless under an application for disclosure.

This is written as an historical record. Everything said here is true to my best recollection. Was the consortium brain trust at the roots of the social network revolution? This can be easily verified by those interested to do so. All they have to do is to connects the dots.

Even if we could become “lights.” It would be a failure not a gain. Light is easily disturbed. It needs a source to exist. It can be changed anytime. Its immortality is a matter of parameter. It is not intrinsic. As for any other form that we may take. Let us consider this: planet earth is a very small entity in the Milky Way. And the Milky Way is huge. If we were lights it would take us 100,000 years to go from one end of the Milky way to another. Now consider that the Milky Way is barely one galaxy among trillion in the universe. Notice that galaxies do explode. They are not eternal. Worst of all our science as it stands today cannot yet foresee the next supernovae. In other words it cannot predicts whether ours will explode or not and when.

Astronomy demonstrated that Earth looks like a dot in the Milky Way. Now knowing this what is it exactly that we are doing? Control earth? We have seen its true place in the great universe. Control the Milky way? We barely understand it.

We must protect our planet (now in great danger thanks to scalar technologies  messing up the ecosystem and worst the substance of earth itself) . Earth like other planets is in constant movements. In order stellar bodies to survive they must adjust to the pressure (magnetic and other attractions taking place in the universe). Hence earthquakes and other physical phenomenons. When we mess with them we are in effect exposing the planet to great danger.

We must assist human evolution to the next stage. Expand within the Milky way and beyond while developing the science that could help us foresee a possible super novae well ahead of time. Perhaps launch an intergalactic odyssey 200,000 years before explosion. That is possible and we are not saying this haphazardly.
To create such a new vision and subsequent paradigm we must change the way we think. The way we do things. As one can tell there is no time to waist. That is the real challenge to humanity.





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