Part 1
Popular Belief

The premise of a Doppelganger is that of double identities. It is generally understood as twin like; as if upon birth, a second incarnation of the self was created. One that exists separately, but can under special circumstances, appear and/or haunt. The implication being that a doppelganger would be an evil incarnation. A fantastical meaning which cloud human imagination to this day. What if a doppelganger was not supernatural? What if it was perhaps a reality too horrible to be confronted? Its sole purpose is to haunt a person’s life with the intention of destroying, and tormenting friends, and family? Nothing more, but someone who for one reason or another (be it jealousy or greed) sets its mind in evil doing? the scientific expression of a psychopath. Should this be the case, how is it possible that said characters go unnoticed? Perhaps they are noticed but ignored. Could it be that a cultural flaw has personify us into silent executioners?
Our cultures are indeed surrounded with memes (self replicating or viral ideas, behavior or style). Some may sounds quite enlightening. In reality they are more destructive than helpful. When you say: “Fool me once. It’s my fault, but twice, shame on me”. You are in effect giving free reign to evil. For Evil will fool you once, twice and more. And you should not blame yourself for it. There is nothing wrong in trusting another human being. Deception is the blame.
Imagine an unforgiving society. War will be its staple. The essence of society is the “we” in it. Cultural loopholes and memes that allow evil characters to go free are the worst threat to human existence. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame to order. There is always someone who knows all. Yet says nothing.
When we are our brothers and sisters keepers, doppelgangers, are kept away. When we close eyes and ears and abandon innocents to mayhem. Dopplegangers operate in plain day light. Now they are invisible only to their victims, but perfectly visible to others. Victims are not and should never be blamed for being victims. For if they could help themselves. They would not be victims. They must be saved. In so doing , we are offering ourselves salvation. For the fire that burns my neighbor’s house will sure turns mine to ashes.
Social responsibility unmask awful characters. Uncloaked their real nature transpire. Their deception unveiled and innocent lives saved. Yes! Innocents can be headaches. When it comes to evil though. You are not just saving them. You are saving yourself.
No one confronts evil in serenity. We resort to the extraordinary. To address something that challenges the imagination, we had to dress it in fantastic robes. Hide it in fairy tales. Not knowing that by doing so, we were giving free way to the devil. That is to the man or woman next door engaged in destruction. The doppelganger of science fiction. But why blame fairy tales? Weren’t they created to save us? Ah! They are not taught any more the way they used to be!
I first encountered mysteries of Doppelganger when I was a teenager watching science fiction movies. The protagonist was an officer condemned to death for a crime he did not commit. The plot had elements intermingling with reality. A man ensnared by events he did not controlled. There was someone who was a mirror image of himself; someone who behaved like him. They say: “if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is a duck”; Our old and cherished syllogism. In other words our man was trapped. To the spectator it was clear that he was innocent, but to his surrounding it was not. His Doppelganger effectively succeeded in becoming him.
When one finds himself a victim of duplicitous characters he is confronted with facts that have elements of familiarity. Lies embedded in truth. People tend to see the obvious and dwell not in the unusual. That has been the secret weapon of psychopathy. Demonic conundrum of evil nemesis is quite a quagmire. Victims find themselves caught in the twilight zone. Only their tormentor really knows the truth. Nobody believes the victim but embraces the criminal instead. As the movies progressed, another character emerged. He happened to be someone of authority. It was slowly revealed that he may be the real criminal. This however, remained hazy. Watching such a movie can really puzzle a person.
Usually in movies, Doppelgangers are presented as Perfect copies of their victims. There is the notion of the other self which shrouds people’s behavior into a cloak of mystery. One that led a famous woman to say: “The devil looks like you and me. The only difference is that he loves harming others.” Perhaps we should refrain from old memes and accept that among us are people capable to do awful things. Entrapping innocents and tormenting their life, or having other people do it for them. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. That was perhaps the “charm” of a Jeffrey Domer. No wonder he killed so many people!
Once in a while we encounter these monsters in real life and are lucky enough to live and tell the story.
Part 2:
Manhattan Encounter
As a philosophical proposition, Doppelgangers maintain its mystery. The double is reduced to a mental state that maybe expressed as “that which is me” or that which is external to me while being me; Hence the notion of internalism and externalism. “To Putnam (Routledge dictionary for philosophy) there is a twin earth inhabited by “doppelgangers”. Everything in it would be a slight mirror of what happens on earth. An extrapolation of this theory states that when two people fits the paradigm they should never meet or mayhem shall ensued. – with one taking the place of the other-. Could it be that there is something missing in our definition of the phenomenon? Who is what and what is who? Herein lay the question. Does the supernatural being assume the personality of the real one or the real one somehow managed to acquire its haunting nemesis? Then again who is to say which the real one is when both beings have the concept of consciousness? However, it might be nothing more than intellectual aphorism; just supernatural expressions of human behaviors which are ingeniously highlighted by great writers for cultural enlightenment. A 1993 movie with Drew Barrymore based on the general concept of an evil doppelganger reimagined the paradox. We are invited to see the type of havoc such a character can creates in a person’s life. Though fictional, one gets the idea: of how horror rules when doppelgangers are involved. Unmask the myth and victims could be any one of us.
It was around 2004 that I made an encounter. It all began innocently. A young father struggling to pay his daughter’s college fees meets a customer. A friendship developed. An agreement to start a gallery ensued. Slowly, but surely the customer who was now his business landlord, began assimilating his personality. Very fast it metastasises. The father happens to be a writer and inventor. For decades he had been creating a number of inventions. Having been a philosopher in his teens, he decided after heart surgery, and the threat of death, to jolt down his vision for a better world. A retreat to Canada gave him the opportunity to reflects on his life, and to dream about possibilities. He might be dying, but he wanted to share his gift.
The surgery took place in 1998. 24 hours before the surgeon told him: “I will decide wether to cut away part of it when I have your heart in my hand!” His life expectancy was ten years.

Fast forward to 2005-8. He shares his life experience with his office colleagues and landlord; exactly what people do when they share the same space day in and day out. He had no idea that he was facing a complicated character. One who almost at the outset used his hacking skills to hack into his computers. Pushing deviousness into untold expressions. The landlord stole his Bank’s safe box keys to steal documents, perhaps planting God knows what. Alas! It was just the beginning.
In 2008, he sent money to his dying father; his landlord allegedly hacked into his computer, and with accomplices, stole the money. The landlord then instigated the bank to block the victims gold card refund.
As years went by, the landlord continued his hacking activities. Playing the role of a compassionate friend who felt sorry for what was happening to him while slowly destroying the man’s reputation, while claiming authorship of his works. Eventually the victim had his archives and personal things sent back from Canada to his work address. In those archives were his inventor’s notebooks and other scholarly papers. Notably a universal equation, the notion of the speed of thought, the last present he received from his father, his passport, birth certificate, children awards, and family pictures. To hide the theft his landlord presented him an envelop and claimed that was all he received from Canada. The envelop had only one thing in it: His father’s manuscript.
His inventor’s notebook had blueprints for over 150 inventions. Ideas for an internet supermarket created in late 90’s, designs and concept for a Sapphire bank card, innovations for cars. Notably radars to avoid accidents, video cameras for rear end safety, quadropter like drones (initially to save the lives of police officers on highway patrol). There were concepts for self-driving cars using satellites. Portable maps for individuals using the same system. Ideas for communication quick messaging services. There were flying suits designs, automatic hammers, tennis rackets innovations, concepts for preventing crimes by using the sixth sense, and by using hand held applications. There were also concepts for establishing a network of Red Cross Centers around Manhattan in case of a dirty bomb, or other dramatic events. Other safety principles for modern cities. There was a concept for an automatic bridge that he was in the process of creating. It could be placed around Manhattan to save lives in case of emergencies by opening up a smooth path without traffic jams. There were tapes of musical compositions made on electronic keyboards (some of which are played on TV commercial today). There were early drawings of computerized watches, a paradigm for healthcare developed in Canada (2000). Bikes concepts for modern cities (to fight pollution by making them available to the public), shared parking meter for urban cities, flying apparatus, wheels revolutions, early architectural designs for flying saucer airports. In total, there were 170 to 200 inventions and ideas.
His Canadians papers also dealt with social issues and solutions: such as the concept to establish world unity via United Nations sponsorships. It is based on the United States Declaration of Independence, the French Declaration of Human rights, and the United Nations Chart for Human Rights. The basic concept was that a united world will better defend itself against possible danger from outer space (be it comets or extra terrestrial entities) and against “lone wolf” style terrorists with bombs. The idea was to make the world a safer place by eliminating poverty and establishing social justice for all. Uprooting any danger of vigilante attack being the main aim. Why was this important? That is because technology is advancing at an alarming rate. Terrible weapons are now portable and can be placed into a confined space like a luggage or cabin bag, As science continues to develop, we are reaching a point where prevention was better addressed by peace than war.
Having studied human history from the prehistoric era to present, the basis of his theories on social evolution, he proposed that such an enterprise could be achieved only by a peace process. The process of violence having been tried by great emperors like Cesar and napoleon and failed. World Unity based on international consensus under the paradigm of peace had never been tried before. The time had come.
All these documents were stolen by his former business landlord who latter had the malignity to tell him with excitement: “I found a treasure throve!” The victim did not know that he was talking about his own works.
The former landlord now turned thief fully assumed the intellectual identity of his victim.
The now impostor managed to get himself supporters in powerful places. The inventor became victim of a scourge known as “targeted individual”. It is also known as an inquisition style terror attack. It has been going on since 2008. It consist of brain hacking via microchips, sonic weapons, electromagnetic attacks and the likes. One feels as if he was placed on electric chairs indefinitely. Research on the subject revealed a number of things. It has been going on for some time. The number of victims around the world could be close to a million. No one is safe. It is usually traced to someone that happened to be connected to the victim. Someone associated somehow to that world.

Such as his former landlord.
Doppelganger or evil hacker?

To learn more
key words: targeted individual, sound weapons, electromagnetic torture, frequencies weapons, secret torture, brain control, brain reading, sirens torture, secret court,

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